Top 4 myths about buying a used car

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Buying a vehicle is not at all an easy decision. You have many sources to stop you from saving money and let you avoid buying the used cars. Have a look at the myths about buying used cars:

  1.    The first myth about buying a used car is that if you pay in cash, you will get a better deal. It is believed that if the amount is paid to the dealer in hand, you get a better price to pay. But the opposite is true i.e. paying via card encourages several discounts to your purchase.
  2.     It is believed that one should never finance with the dealer. But this is a sheer myth. If you finance with the dealership they offer amazing specials to you including offering you lower interest rates. Local banks may not provide any such offers of low-interest rates. You get a better price for used Mahindra XUV500 in Bangalore if you finance with the dealership.
  3.    It is a myth that one should never buy an older vehicle. Some people share their bad experiences of making a purchase of an old car but understand that it was their fault not to be particular while making the purchase. Of course one needs to check the car thoroughly including the history of the car before making a purchase. But it is always smarter of you to save money on the purchase. The price for used Mahindra XUV500 in Bangalore is affordable.
  4.    It is a myth that all the negative reviews about the used cars in the magazines are all truth. This is not the case. Never believe all the magazines and critics while being your own critic, verify the car and then make a purchase.

Following are the myths of buying used cars which should not be believed.