The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S9 – An extreme joy

What we want to achieve with this journey through mathematics is that, in short, when you go to buy a Samsung Galaxy S8  or say the upcoming Galaxy S9 (releasing next year) you will be acquiring a mobile whose screen, beyond what the technical specifications say, will actually be closer to the Useful space that would offer you a phone like the iPhone 7 Plus (5.5″), the OnePlus 3T (5.5″) or the Huawei P10 Plus (5.5″) than would offer you mobile phones like the LG V20 (5.7″) or Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra (6″).

Samsung Galaxy S9 screen

The difference is that you will have something similar to the screen size of the second list of mobile phones, but in a much more comfortable size (something close to the mobile of the first list). Personally, welcome to this change with Galaxy S8 and upcoming Galaxy S9/S9 plus: to me what interests me is to have a big screen in the hands, and if with this format the manufacturers manage to give me a bigger screen in a smaller size, I have no problem in giving up those tenths of surface.

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Lost in this sea of figures?

And when we said before that this decision to change the 16: 9 by 18.5: 9 has a price, we did it for a reason. Samsung has opted for a screen format (18.5: 9) for its Galaxy S8 which still today virtually no content is produced (at least not in day-to-day applications like the well-known YouTube), and that means that by default it is difficult to get to take advantage of this format of screen when playing horizontal videos. According to the hearsay, Samsung will launch its upcoming beast Galaxy S9, more likely to be in the same ratio of 18.5: 9 as Galaxy S8 has.

This way a video is played in the Galaxy S8 if you decide to show it to full screen:

When we are going to play a video on the Galaxy S8 from applications like YouTube, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, we are always shown in the lower right corner an icon that allows us to play the videos on Samsung’s full screen. It is important to differentiate between the full screen of life, the one in which the video is shown in full size, and Samsung’s full screen on the Galaxy S8, which requires that the video also occupy the curved corners that the panel has. The modish Galaxy S9 would provide us the extreme enjoyment regarding the large and high-quality picture, even won’t lose any part of the image in full-screen mode; the best player of 2018 – Galaxy S9.

According to the Investor, we would face no problem with the matter of screen upcoming Galaxy S9, offering all the convenience with the latest modish screen technology.