Skip meals with meal replacement smoothies

Ah, the charms of today’s world; The money, the fame, the popularity. Everyone wants to achieve all of those. In that process, however, many other things take a backseat. Family, friends, but arguably most importantly, personal health. Meals are skipped, not eaten on time, and just a general disregard for the life sustaining essential item is on display. Now, we aren’t here to tell you that it’s okay to skip meals, because it’s definitely not. Eating should be done at specific times in the day, and meals should never be skipped. But, sometimes, unavoidable circumstances may occur, that lead to meals being skipped. For those times, we have a great idea for you: healthy and tasty meal replacement smoothies.

Drink if you don’t want to eat

Ever wanted to get all the essential vitamins and minerals, but just can’t get around to cooking or eating healthy? Ever felt that cooking your own meals kills off your time? Fret not, meal replacement smoothies are here to the rescue.

Just put all ingredients you like into a blender, whip them up and there you go! A perfect meal replacement is ready. For those times when you just don’t want to cook, the perfect smoothies and shakes will satiate your hunger and give your body the kick it needs. Now, there are a few essential things which must be included in every meal replacement smoothie.

They are

  1. Low calorie base– making a smoothie does not give you a license to put whatever you want into the blender. So, a check must be kept on the nutritional values of the liquid bases you use. Water is the best choice here, followed by almond milk, fat free milk etc.
  2. Fruits and veggies– they are the ultimate sources of energy, carbs and fiber, and also provide a healthy bit of protein. Green veggies and fruits are a must in any smoothie.
  3. Fats and nuts- now, there are some fats which are needed for the body’s proper functioning. These can be provided by nut butter, unsweetened milk, coconut oil, avocados and various other nuts and dry fruits.

Grab your ingredients, switch on your blender, and skip your meals(not recommended) with meal replacement smoothies! Easy as you like, and tasty as anything you’ll ever get!