Looking to Take Better Travel Photos? Look No Further

Have you noticed that your travel photos look largely like the rest of your friends’, or that they just don’t seem to pop as much as the ones that you see on the billboards, despite you having the same phone that they are advertising?

With so many people sharing their photos every day it’s hard to set yours apart and for them to get the attention they deserve.

For tips to help you take better travel snaps while you are away, keep reading.

Wait for the Right Light

While you will see and hear a lot of acronyms and fancy words being used in regards to the camera in your phone, the basic essential of photography is still at play – the photo is created by capturing light.

For this reason, the more light that you can get into your camera’s sensor, the more information that the processor inside your phone has to work with.  With this in mind, the next time that you are taking a photo, look around to see if the lighting conditions will be improving soon. The perfect example would be a bunch of clouds which will soon move out of the way to make way for an abundance of sunlight.

Often waiting 10 seconds can be the difference between a photo nobody looks at and one on the side of a billboard.

Don’t Use the Zoom

Unless you are using one of the high-end handsets from the Groupon Coupons page for AT&T then zoom is not going to be your friend. Why? Because as good as the cameras in the majority of smartphones,  they only offer digital zoom.

When you think about the zoom in a camera, what you are really thinking about is called optical zoom. This is the zoom achieved by using a range of mirrors and lenses. It’s the zoom you grew up with and the type used in professional level cameras.

Digital zoom works by considering the image in the viewfinder and guessing what the picture will look like close up. That means that the camera isn’t actually moving or really zooming. All it is doing is guessing and giving you a pixelated image.

Instead of using the zoom, change the perspective of your photos to become a macro image instead of one which focuses on a tiny detail.

Be Mindful of Your Subjects

If you are looking to take a group shot of your friends and you are all wearing green then positioning them in front of greenery isn’t going to be a good option. Instead, before you take the shot, consider what your subjects are wearing and look for alternative ways to either place them or take the photo.

For example, moving somebody wearing green to be in front of a sign can be a great way to not only remove the sign from view but also help somebody wearing great stand out in the photo.

When it comes to taking photos with your smartphone, these are some great tips which can help you get the most out of your camera and maybe even help you create a billboard-worthy image!