Feel The Spirit Of Cuba With This Particular 1 Small Trip

Traveling to Cuba? Searching to create some cultural purchases? Consider your good haggler? You need to certainly possess a read of the…

Thinking about over 3 million vacationers visit this Caribbean island each year (which number is only going to increase using the recent USA rule changes), this little trick is possibly worth a go.

During our recent visit to Cuba, our eyes were opened up to a lot of incredible things. # 1 to be the higher level of visible poverty within the roads, number two to be the genuine sense of safety, and # 3 being their method of business and negotiations… they are all entrepreneurs!

Throughout the world trip, we discovered numerous markets. You realize those, rows and rows of food, clothes, books and WATCHES. It is extremely possible that i’m alone buying these cheap watches, but you need to get involved too and here’s why.

So I’m a fan of watches, I’m additionally a tight ass… Hence exactly why these watch stalls are ideal for me. You are able to get some genuinely nice searching watches for ridiculously affordable prices. US$1 – $10 appeared is the going rates based on your selection and based on which country you are in. The least expensive I discovered were in Poultry, where I got myself an easy, little beauty for approximately US $1.90.

In nearly every country we visit, we like to explore and admire local artworks. In Havana, Cuba’s capital, the Primary Arts & Crafts Marketplace is located around a 20 minute walk in the city center. Trust me, it’s well worth the trip. Huge amounts of hands colored special gems invite you in while you mind underneath the shade from the recently renovated San Jose warehouses. We spent a complete day exploring and selecting our favourites.

“Oh when we were wealthy” might be heard slip from your lips on several occasion. Not always since the works of art were costly (they ranged from between US$5 to $100) but therefore we can afford to purchase them all and ship it well home.

Now here’s where this story will get interesting… on a minimum of 10 different occasions (we spoke to a lot of, many vendors and artists) I had been offered various discounts and exchanges in my watch. One painter was pleased to perform a straight swap for any $7 painting, others were happy to lower their prices between $5 and $10.

You’re correct, this really is very little cash except this story is not concerning the $$$! These folks have become track of hardly any their whole lives along with a new watch is one thing to cherish inside their society. When you believe in 2013 the typical monthly salary was $US19, the chance for any watch should not plainly everything frequently.

You are most likely believing that I attempted to tear them off. Which I said excitedly the timepiece was costly. Well I did not! Each of them who asked me was told it require me to pay under $2 plus they did not care. All they wanted ended up being to get hold of it in return for their artwork.

In approaching days I had been also offered discounted taxi fares and economical drinks for that exchange, showing it wasn’t only a fixation produced by artists.

I did not finish up accepting a deal, I’m particularly keen on this watch. However I do suggest this for future vacationers to Cuba. Stock up on cheap watches! Obtain the least expensive and best searching fakes you’ll find and bring them to Cuba… You will not be sorry. Even though you don’t really make worthwhile money from this you’ll make someone’s day and you’ll have a tale to keep in mind and share throughout your existence.